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lørdag den 20. september 2014

Chanel Palpitant 41 vintage swatches - Collaboration Saturday

It's that time of the week, yes, it's Collaboration Saturday together with my friend Elena from PicturedTinsel! 
Chanel Palpitant 41 – was released together with Troublant 42 in 2001- thank you so much Aly for the 2001 information!
Palpitant is a gorgeous duochrome, and I wonder how many other polish manufacturers did duochromes back then. It has a strong shift between a pinkish purple and bronze with a olive hue, I’m blown away by it. This is two easy coats without a top coat.
I wore it with Dance Legend Roz, se swatches HERE, on my right hand to save the precious drops of this old treasure – and I don’t think anyone noticed the subtle difference. Car-happy guys always are fascinated by duochromes, they say cool, you can get cars painted like this – how did you do that… ;) 
What do you think of this 13 years old duochrome - not bad, eh..?
Tomorrow I will show it's sibling - Troublant 42!
And now I curious to see what Elena has for us!!

Bear Pawlish Goblin King swatches

Bear Pawlish Goblin King is a very unique polish. It’s teal, it’s holographic, it’s duochrome and it has a little holo micro holo glitter. Teal might not be my color, but I actually like it a lot, thanks Denise for letting me swatch it!
The application was easy, the dry time is quick – this is two coats with a top coat. 
Do you like Goblin King?

fredag den 19. september 2014

I Love Nail Polish (ILNP) Charmingly Purple swatches

I Love Nail Polish (ILNP) Charmingly Purple is a dark lavender/blue-toned medium purple with a medium strength holo plus a subtle but pretty shimmer in blue and pink. This is 2 easy coats with a coat of Seche Vite.
Were you charmed by this purple?

Picture Polish Denim swatches

Picture Polish Denim is a somewhat dusty, almost smoky, medium denim blue loaded with flakies. To be honest I was pretty sure I was going to swatch it and let it find a new home, but no, it’s not going anywhere, it stays. The first coat goes on very opaque, but this is two coats without a top coat.
Do you like it...?
I bought it from Norway Nails, use the code MARIA10 to get a 10% discount.

torsdag den 18. september 2014

Seche Vite tutorial: how to keep it in perfect shape, avoid shrinkage and how to apply

This is how I keep my favorite top coat Seche Vite Dry Fast top coat happy, subsequently also myself, avoid shrinkage and I apply it....
I have used Seche Vite (often referred to as SV) almost 3 years now, and almost nothing really compares. HK Girl is a close rival, but I experienced smudging of nail art with it, and that's a no go for me.

OK, back to my beloved Seche Vite!

Part one: How to keep Seche Vite thinned and ready to go...
I always buy the "Professional Kit": one normal sized bottle of Seche Vite 14ml/0.5 fl oz and one large bottle 118ml/4 fl oz - and I always buy the large bottle of Seche Restore 59ml/2 fl oz that comes with a dropper, but you can choose to buy a smaller bottle with a built in dropper in the lid.

When I have used about this much (red arrow) - I add 7-10 drops of the Seche Restore thinner and gently roll it.
Sometimes I use my Seche Vite a few times more before I fill it up with fresh Seche Vite from the large bottle, in that case I often add a few further drops of Seche Restore before filling it up. I just carefully pour it right from the large into the small.
It's not an exact science, you soon will get into a routine - because this is all about experience...

Part two: How to avoid shrinkage...
If I get lazy and do not thin my Seche Vite until I'm this far (red arrow) down the bottle and my Seche Vite is getting a bit goopy, I do experience shrinkage like on the photo below - and more (maybe 15 or so) drops of Seche Restore are needed before filling the bottle up with fresh Seche Vite from the big bottle.
The shrinking normally isn't this bad until the day after when everything has completely dried, also remember how much the nail is enlarged in this photo, so the shrinkage naturally isn't this obvious in person.

Thoughts on shrinkage in general:
Personally I never experienced tip shrinkage that I have heard mentioned by others. But here are my thoughts on that and other shrinkage problems:
01. Did you remember to apply both polish and Seche Vite to the free edge of the nail tip?
02. Maybe you apply Seche Vite when your polish still is wet (too wet) - I always wait until my polish is a few minutes dry.
Have you by the way noticed that your second coat (not to mention third coat) of polish actually also shows shrinkage if you apply it too soon after the first (that even might have been applied to a not too dry base coat) - not at once, but as soon as all the layers dries completely after several hours/the next day?
So I'm thinking that if you add Seche Vite or another top coat on the several and still fairly wet coats, shrinkage is bound to happen with any top coat, and yes I tested it.
03. Did you use a thick enough coat? See more in Part three below!
04. I never apply thin coats of nail polish, so maybe that's why Zoya unfortunately dries extremely slowly on me. Even if I wait 10 -15 minutes or so - I still get shrinkage - it brings me back to 02.
05. Finally the unknown factor called body chemistry probably plays a role and makes polishes and top coats react differently from person to person.

Part three: How to apply and use Seche Vite...

The main thing is to use enough - add a rich and generous coat, that's important!! 
This is how I use my Seche Vite, If the bottle is full/almost full, I wipe one side of the brush lightly on the inside of the bottle neck, leaving a good drop like on the photo below:
I place my drop of Seche Vite in the area of the red circle - again not an exact science, it all comes with experience....
- make sure NOT to press the Seche Vite thin, the coat should be rich, loosen your wrist!!
Use a light movement to spread it over the nail (remember the free edge) and take advantage of the amazing self-leveling ability. If you have long nails you probably need to wipe less of the brush and/or dip twice.
If you normally apply thin coats of nail polish you need to rethink that when you apply Seche Vite!
Remember a generous coat!!

If you follow the simple steps above you hopefully will love Seche Vite as much as I do - I couldn't imagine a life without it - at least not a polished life without it!!

Find more tutorials (also how the make your mani last) in the DIY + tips and tricks tab in the menu at the top of my blog - or click HERE!

Glam Polish Twilight Echoes swatches

Glam Polish Twilight Echoes is a beautiful magenta with blue glass flecks and scattered holo, pretty out of the sun – and so beautiful in the sun!
One coat is fairly opaque, but this is two coats with a coat of Seche Vite!
The application is easy, but I’m not impressed by the dry time. 
Do you like this magenta beauty?
Note that Blogger made it a bit more vidid than it is in person...
I bought it from Hypnotic Polish
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